Kenya’s Political “Elite” Have Failed Kenya

The Kenyan Political system and the nation as a whole has allowed the pursuit of the privileged to become insensitive to the collective good of the society and the politicians know it. Kenyans will risk their lives for a politician who will do very little to fight for the economic, health, education and personal  improvement. These politicians are treated as “gods” instead of servants of the people.

The dictatorship leadership of Moi paved the way for the “bow before me” attitude of Kenyan politicians and sadly, Kenyans have accepted this mentality as the norm. Politicians must be held accountable for their actions and lack of it there of.

Having outed the Moi regime in 2002, the NARC regime created expectations which it foiled at the start. People anticipated opportunities which were never created. While they were united in the anticipation, they could only but separate in disappointment. The society then became cautious of regions, tribes and this fermented in part spilling out in 2007 into horrendous violence.



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