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Innovation is a country’s greatest investment. Most developed countries pour a lot of funding into research and technological innovation. Africa is a continent ripe with talent and resourcefulness. African youth in particular, have the ability to innovate products that would work for Africa based on her needs. Most African leaders hurt innovation by allowing Western and Eastern  countries like China to dump their goods … Continue reading


Herman Chinery-Hesse said it best “I don’t know of any country in the world where a bunch of foreigners came and developed the country. I don’t know one: Japan? Korea? No! No country did that. I know about countries that developed on trade and innovation and business.” The government of Kenya is  heavily dependent on … Continue reading

THE BATTLE FOR AFRICA’S RESOURCES: CBC Pushing For Australian Miners Into Africa

Having brokered about $4.5 billion in investments and business deals over the past nine months, the high-powered Commonwealth Business Council is spearheading a push by Australian miners into Africa channeling investments in the resource sectors of Nigeria and Mozambique. The CBC has set an ambitious target of $10bn worth of new deals before the end … Continue reading

Kenya’s 4Billion Shilling Navy Ship Arrives After A Decade

A decade after its ordered purchase, one of Kenya’s controversial projects linked to the Anglo leasing scandal is expected to sail into the coast of Mombasa on August 27th 2012 Kenya Navy’s newest warship dubbed “KNS Jasiri” is to be commissioned by President Mwai  Kibak upon its arrival. The navy ship project was among those … Continue reading

Brokers ponder court action over NSE ownership

The planned change of ownership at the Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE) has hit yet another obstacle after the capital markets regulator differed with stockbrokers over the new shareholding structure. The move by the brokers aims to squeeze two fallen stockbrokers within the government’s stake after they were left out in the initial arrangement, instead of … Continue reading

Social Network-The Gateway To Business Growth

Kenyan businesses looking for fresh growth momentum in the next three years must adopt new media as a key platform for engagement with customers and employees, a new survey has revealed. The world’s top business leaders now see technology as a key determinant of organization success and a factor of production they must give more … Continue reading

Kenya’s Leather Industry Exports On The Rise, Creating Jobs

Due  to an increase in exportation of Kenya’s leather products, the Kenya Leather Development Council said that it would put up tanneries in six towns including Garissa, Isinya, Mogotio, Wote and Kajiado at a cost of Sh150 million.  The cost will be covered by  the the Economic Stimulus Package funds and factories are expected to … Continue reading

Ministries, Agencies Withhold Billions Needed For Economic Growth, Blames Shortage Of Employees.

Key government departments failed to spend the billions of shillings allocated to them in the national budget leaving the economy without the financing steam to power growth. Ministries and agencies had only spent a total of Sh510.5 billion or 44 per cent of their allocations by the end of nine months of this financial year … Continue reading

Kenya Taxpayers Bail Out City Hall, KBC and TARDA

Kenyan tax payers were forced to come to the rescue of  The Nairobi City Council after it  defaulted on the Sh212 million loan it borrowed from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). City Hall borrowed the Sh212 million from USAID in 1985 to be paid at an interest of 8.5 per cent per … Continue reading

Kenya Treasury’s Sh48bn headache.

  Third Quarter Economic and Budgetary Review indicate that the cumulative revenue collection as at the end of March amounted to Sh504 billion against the target of Sh552.5 billion representing a shortfall of Sh47.7 billion. The cumulative expenditure and net lending in the same period amounted to Sh646.7 billion, which is Sh152.3 billion below the … Continue reading